1. White charcoal can be used in any sizes even though until it break into pieces.
  2. If using the white charcoal to cook or boil water, it can continue be use for around 3 months.
  3. If use the white charcoal to fry food, it can only be used once and after that, we shall bury the white charcoal underground in order for recovery of the energy.
  4. Boiling Water with White Charcoal
    • Step 1
      Clean the white charcoal using brush and please do not use cleaner or any detergent or chemical liquid.
    • Step 2
      Boil it for 10-15 minutes, then remove the white charcoal and place it into basket for it to dry and return to room temperature. For the best, leave the basket for at least 1 day in a good air condition place.
    • Step 3
      After Step 2, we can use the white charcoal to place inside the drinking water vase or container. Best effect is using 100gm of white charcoal in every 1 liter of drinking water and it will energy will last for at least 30 hours.
    • Step 4
      To recycle the usage of the white charcoal, you can take out the white charcoal from the drinking water after more than 30 hours, and then use the clean water to rinse it and it will be ready to use again. An easy way to maintain a healthy life.
  5. How to use to cook rice
    • Clean the white charcoal using brush and avoid using any cleanser or chemical detergents. Clean water will do.
    • Cook of 10 - 15 minutes, put in basket to make it dry (around 1 day).
    • Put the rice cook with white charcoal.
    • After cook, warm it.
    • After use, clean the white charcoal with water.
  6. For refrigerator
    If want to put in refrigerator, can break it into around (3cm width & 10cm length) then put in every level in refrigerator.
  7. Place the white charcoal under or around the rubbish bin in order to neutralize the odor.
  8. Using the white charcoal to take shower and the water should keep around 40 - 43°C; put 1.5kg white charcoal into cloth bag, around one month take the white charcoal out, wash and dry it. Around three months, need to use new white charcoal.
  9. How to use to wash cloth
    • Prepare 4 white charcoal (around 7cm), 2 tiny bag (cotton,etc), any thing that float (any wooden materials), string, 1 spoon of salt.
    • Cleaned white charcoal.
    • Put the white charcoal into tiny bag, use string to tie the tiny bag, extra space of tiny bag can put the wooden thing inside.
    • Put water into washing machine; try the tiny bag can float or not. If can't, then add the float material in.